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Hiboo, a messaging app to see what your friends type while they're typing!

Frustrated by the three rolling dots while waiting for an answer from your friend?
Curious about what your friend has been typing for 5 minutes, when they only send 4 words?

Hiboo is the solution to see your friend’s message while they are typing it! Yes, this is genuine real-time messaging. No need to wait or to tap "Send", you communicate at the speed of thought.

Speed is the new Intimacy/Privacy

Seeing what friends are typing while they are typing opens the door to a new kind of communication. The "real-time effect" adds a new dimension to messaging where the process of typing becomes the communication medium. I can type my first "I love you" and you can see it before I tap send... Or I can just pause to insist on it before continuing: "I love your idea". Snapchat made its success with the evanescence of the content sent because young generations users were looking for a new private way to communicate. Hiboo goes a step further for real close friends, the ones you don’t hesitate to share your thoughts as they come, to share your feelings as they are. Hiboo is the communication medium in real-time for your real friends.

About Hiboo's Team & Origin

The idea was successful from the day it emerged. Indeed, the idea was born during a brainstorming session for the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon that Matthieu Rigolot, Andriy Marin and Eleanor Harding finally won out of a field of 750+ developers. From this success, the french-born Matthieu Rigolot and ukrainian-born teammate Andriy Marin worked on it, joining forces with south-african-born Eleanor Harding, to create the fully fledged product and launch the beta in Dublin, on November 3rd 2015, 1 year after the idea was born.