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Photography of a chat inside Hiboo app

Our universe

We handcrafted a lovely app which allows you to see what your friends are typing in realtime. Let's get closer to real life conversations!

In a world of popular messengers, we're inconveniently waiting for messages to be finished and sent before being able to reply.

What about fixing this latency with asynchronous messages that go through while you type them? By solving this, we're moving messaging leaps closer to real-life conversation.

Often messaging is too slow. If we’re not sitting around waiting for a finished text to come through, we sometimes play a little game of "I’ll read this message on the lock screen but intentionally wait a while before I open it".

Seeing what your friends type in realtime allows you to anticipate their reactions and answer much faster. Let's move forward from static, synchronous messaging! We can do better, faster.

But don't take our word for granted!
Get the app and chat with your friends in real-time! Download Hiboo!

This is what happens

When realtime-powered technology and revolutionary user experience meet delightful product design.

For Hiboo, we have put all our love into building this lovely app from A to Z, hoping to bring a smile to your face all along the way.

Enjoy the experience without moderation!

Screenshot of Hiboo's iOS landing page with a in-app conversation

Magic at your fingertips

Take advantage of the realtime preview, anticipate your friends reactions!

Say hi with Hiboo and gently troll your friends if you can type and live-edit faster than them! Spam emotes at the speed of light! Get immersed in the fun and watch funny typos spice up your messages!

Screen shot of the iOS Contacts tab with a Zoom of a conversation in Hiboo

Chat with the founders!

Our first 1000 early adopters will be able to say hi to us directly within the Hiboo app!

Feel free to ask us any questions or give some feedback about Hiboo. Talk about any feature you'd like to see. We'll gladly and openly receive any of your suggestions or critics!

Closeup of the founders on Hiboo's Contacts tab

The Team

Profile picture of Andriy Marin, Co-founder & CTO at Hiboo

Andriy Marin

Chief Fun Officer & CTO

Andriy is our technical infrastructure mastermind and handles the scaling of our back-end systems.
Loves extreme sports and My Little Pony.

Profile picture of Arthur Kolayan, Head of Marketing at Hiboo

Arthur Kolayan

VP of Fun & Head of Marketing

Arthur is our chief hustler and our human business card magnet! He is in charge of bringing Hiboo interesting leads and organizing marketing events.
Loves networking and breakdancing.

Profile picture of Vadim Savyolov, Lead Android Developer at Hiboo

Vadim Savyolov

Captain Fun & Lead Android

Vadim is in charge of developing the Android version of Hiboo using long-forgotten coding grimoires and some sorcery of his own.
Loves wearables and dark magic.

Where to find us

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