See what your friends type while they're typing!

You're glued to your screen. She's typing, but she's been typing for 5 minutes. 4 words finally arrive. OMG. Ever been curious about what she didn't say? ;)

Now see both sides of the story on-the-fly! Embrace messaging that's closer to real-life conversation!

Demo of emote spamming in Hiboo's chat

Blazing fast

Your thoughts in writing with the snap of a finger! How fast can you type or spam emotes with your friends?

Text like the Flash and dazzle your friends, spam emotes at the speed of light, wizz them to join the chat with a shake gesture!
Invite your friends to join the party and have fun!

Stay tuned for more superpowers in Hiboo!

Be an early adopter!

Be one of our beloved first users and enjoy the real-time experience before everyone else!

Special features

We treat you in Hiboo with delightful perks and surprises galore! Can you find them all?

Lighting icon representing the speed of Hiboo's chat


Magic Wand icon representing Hiboo's magic


Smiley face icon representing how fun Hiboo is